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AA in --> AA out? Optionally including transparency

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The paint bucket and magic wand can be applied with tolerance on the flood fill. It would be nice if there were also a mode that "thinned out" the tool effect according to the local deviation from the reference color (found at the clicked location), i.e., multiplying the tool output (and perhaps even the tolerance itself?) by an alpha that would shrink toward zero as the tolerance were filled. Similarly to brushes with soft edges. 


Also, when using the tool blending mode "Overwrite", it would be nice if all tools with soft edges only overwrote the background according to their proportion of alpha compared to the "full" color selected.

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If I correctly understand what you're saying, you want the option of preserving the transparency; that is, not changing the pixels' alphas. That does seem like it might be useful. I think, though, that if there were such an option, there should also be the option, along with Straight and Pre-Multiplied, of only comparing RGB, ignoring alpha.



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