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Outline Issues


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For some odd reason my outline effect has been producing results such as this the one attached to this post. Please tell me what could be the problem with this outline effect.

Running Windows XP SP2


894mb Ram

You will have to blow up the picture of course to get a good look at my issue, Thanks to anyone that can help me fix this problem without much trouble.


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BoltBait did the update of his plug in the same time as Rick changed something in the program. BoltBait has since corrected that I'd suggest just re download the updated pkg by BoltBait. the issue was fixed.

first thing always to check when you have a plugin issue on one that worked prev. is to recheck you are using the most up to date version of Paint.Net and the most up to date plug in version.

also for future note when you have a problem with a specific plugin standard practise is to post the problem under the plugin itself. The plugin writer has a better chance of seeing the problem and advising you.


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Oma is correct. Please post all plugin problems in the thread for that plugin.



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