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Alt + [Mouse wheel Scroll] to change brush/text size

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Hi all,


I've been using paint.net for years, and loving it 🙂


There is one feature that I think would help a *lot* of people (myself included) and certainly save us a lot of time.


Is it possible to set Alt + Scroll to change sizes?


I say this, because sometimes the only way to get the precise size you want is to hover the tooltip over the area you want in the drawing. Accordingly, moving the tooltip AWAY again, clicking size change a few, times, moving it back, re-checking, moving it away to click size a little higher, re-checking etc can sometimes take ~30 seconds to get things exact. In contrast, being able to manipulate the size with the mouse wheel would get the job done in 2–3 seconds. Much better!!


Is there any technical reason why this cannot be implemented? If it is an easy enough job, I think it would make an enormous amount of sense.





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When you say "tooltip", I assume you're referring to the mouse cursor. Is that right?


Remember, you can also use the Square Bracket keys,[ and ], on your keyboard to adjust the brush width.

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Yes, I refer to the toolip size.


Unfortunately, the brackets ([ and ]) are not a great substitute. Alt + Scroll would be amazing.


Is there any chance this could be implemented?


Besides this, [ and ] do not function very well when adjusting tooltip size for text (major source of my problems, re: perpetual re-sizing) since in this context, it just types the characters and does not adjust anything.





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