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Could we have an auto-refresh option / toggle for reloading / reopening image files that were edited externally?

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I don't know if this was requested in the past, so excuse me if it was, and it got rejected in the past.


I'm currently using Paint.NET to analyze AI-generated images with transparent pixels, and it relies on modifying and updating the same image file over and over, multiple times per day. It image itself stores unique metadata within the pixels, which will change if it's saved to a separate file. I constantly have to fight with Paint.NET to open and re-open the same image file repeatedly, re-zoom back in and enlarge it really big, and analyze the individual pixels each time the file gets modified externally.


May I request for a feature where Paint.NET has a toggleable or an option to allow the application to refresh / reload the same image file if the file gets modified externally, through an external, 3rd party application, a script command, or a program that was executed to generate a new image file and overwrites the previous file automatically.


I greatly appreciated this, if my feature request is just being considered, regardless of what outcome / decision is made. Thank you.

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