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Is it possible to zoom/resize the "Layers Panel" chequerboard mini previews ?

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Apologies if my use of terminologies is off, but I've been hunting for a way to increase the size of the actual chequerboard mini previews listed within the "Layers Panel".


I'm not able to distinguish differences on many of the 20+ layers I typically end up with on my projects. I'm following the current guidelines of putting separate text on different layers (which IS handy as a quick alteration/delete/redo method). My text is often White, or light yellow, and so virtually impossible to see on the Layers Panel preview.


So, is there a way to resize/zoom the list of layer previews, so that I'd only see 3-4 in the list on the screen (to zoom all the way into 1-2 would be fine with me!)


Secondly, if I could make a suggestion, how about in instant layer panel zoom, so that just hovering over one of the Layer Panel previews instantly brings a "table mat" sized preview (in a speech bubble?) 


I do hope this isn't a well trodden/rejected idea - as a 1st time poster (but a casual user for well over 15 years), I did check the FAQs, the 'To-Do' list, and the search engines - but I've not come across this question/answer, here I am.

Many thanks




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Many thanks for the quick reply.

As a windows desktop app, I assume it works similar to Windows 10's native Magnifier app (when in Lens mode) - with no understanding of when to turn on /off without interaction (no hot zoning). I have previously looked at Magnifier (and discarded it). However, I will take a look at this.

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