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I need a way to edit game textures that use one image for a whole item

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I am customizing, replacing, and improving textures for a game but I cant replace textures with another one.  the texture files consists of the different item parts seperated with black that tells the game what part is separate from another and I would like to layer a different wood texture and fit it perfectly with the background but I cannot find a way to change the shape of the eraser or square selection to erase the excess.
I would have added an image attachment but it wont let me attach it even though it is just a 34KB jpg image,

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Rather than trying to erase the object you want to change, erase everything else.

Also known as cutting out the object.


Make a duplicate layer then, use Kill Color Keeper plugin set to kill black at max Tolerance.
Then, this may help with the cutting out process.

Once everything else is gone, you can Magic Wand the surrounding alpha,
Invert Selection Ctrl i, make the base layer active and press Delete.

You now have a hole in the original image.
Put your new texture on a layer below.

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