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[Feature request] Individual color channel editing

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Hi there, long time user of paint.net here.


The one feature that's always been missing for me is individual color channel editing (a standard feature in bigger packages like gimp and photoshop). There are some plugins I use to remedy this missing feature but none are quite elegant enough. Paste alpha comes to mind. It allows me to edit the alpha channel as greyscale.


Now I understand paint.net being a simpler tool, adding a new "channels" window is probably out of the question, so it needs to be implemented cleverly.


Perhaps something like this:


Perhaps ctrl+clicking a channel checkbox would show it exclusively and in greyscale.


This was the first implementation that came to mind, there might be more elegant solutions.


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Would a plugin that does the following would do?


1. A dropdown option with forward/backward transformation?

2. Channel Options


To explain, if you have Alpha Channel selected, and you set transformation to be forward, grayscale value is converted directly into alpha channel. Going backward, alpha is converted into grayscale.


This is actually very easy to code.


EDIT: Concept is a little harder than I thought it would be. :/


EDIT: I made this plugin in hope that it's useful:

Channel Editing.zip

Edited by Reptillian

G'MIC Filter Developer

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