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[Feature request] Custom transparency background grid colors

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Is there a way to change the color of the grid that is shown under transparent parts of an image?


If no then this is a feature request. And I hope a pretty easy one.


Sometimes I need to work with small sprites / decals.

If I need it to be a white detail on a transparent background - I run into problem - I can't see anything on my image.


For example, this render is quite misleading about what is actually drawn:


There are workarounds:

  • use different color for a time being and then change it with filters, such as "Invert colors";
  • add a dark layer underneath.


But I find it rather annoying to have to set this up and don't forget to remove it and save properly.


I would love to see a color selector(s) for the transparency grid in the app settings.

If I can select non-gray colors - I will be able to avoid collisions with any colors I use (or 99% at least).

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I was about to suggest the workaround that you mentioned, but I don't think this is going to be changed. You can add a shortcut to a template file. That's another workaround.

G'MIC Filter Developer


I am away from this forum for undetermined amount of time: If you really need anything related to my PDN plugin or my G'MIC filter within G'MIC plugin, then you can contact me via Paint.NET discord, and mention me.

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As an occasional creator of pixel art I feel like Paint.NET could learn a lot from software like Aseprite. In Aseprite you are free to change the two colors that make up the transparent checkerboard in options, or opt to have it as a single color. Its not at all an unreasonable request as changing this also benefits graphic designers who need a darker color to balance their eyes
Of course a workaround background layer is always possible but why settle?

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