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Mouse scrolling no longer working in the Layer window?


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After updating from a really old version of PDN, I was greeted with a new UI among many other changes, one of which is that scrolling when hovering over the Layers window no longer scrolls through the Layers, and instead still moves the image around.
Even clicking a layer and scrolling, unless I click the layer slider, the Layer window will not move.
Is it possible to fix this? Is it an option?

(Image of layers window)
Here is a link to a gif showing the issue:
I scroll on the image, then try scrolling through layers, and then clicking a layer and trying to scroll. Only upon using the bar can I move it.


Any help on how to remedy this would be appreciated, thanks!

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I have indeed managed to fix it, uninstalled the current version, then re-installed an older one from an installer I had on the older system.
I can now scroll seamlessly between windows.
Not sure how that managed to break in later updates, considering that the History window worked fine.
I'll keep an eye out for any hotfixes I suppose that work to amend the issue.

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