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Levels adjustment bug report

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About 50% of the time when I use the levels adjustment feature the bottom of the adjustment box (the line where Auto/Reset/OK/Cancel is normally displayed) is simply not present. I can adjust the levels to my liking with no difficulty, but I cannot press OK or any other of the four buttons to clock in my levels adjustment. It's simply not there! I can find no reason why sometimes it's displayed and works perfectly and sometimes it doesn't. Annoyingly, usually the only way that I can get the four buttons back is not only to close out of the program but also to restart Windows (to presumably get the program entirely out of the Windows memory or something). This is very annoying.



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Can you post a screenshot?


Also, you can always press Enter to activate the OK button, or Escape to activate the Cancel button. These are standard Windows shortcut keys.

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Hi Rick. I will post once the problem occurs (of course it isn't occurring now!)). Yes, I'm well aware of the OK/Escape, and those do not work. Incidentally, I am using 4.2.14, but I have been having the same problem for probably two years now in different versions (and just haven't bothered to report it! Silly me.).

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