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multiple images of the same person--in the same image?

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i need help doing something in paint.net. (obviously.)

i have a photography project & what i'm doing is putting multiple images of me in different outfits & different poses, in the same picture, and sitting on the same couch.

i have my camera set on a tripod in my living room, and all i have to do is just use the self timer, so in each of the pictures, the background will be in the same place.

but here's the problem..i want to do some "me's" sitting in the floor in front of the "me's" on the couch. besides cutting those me's out and pasting them, i can't think of any other way to do this. isn't there some way i can layer the images on top of each other so that i don't have to cut and paste anything? i tried putting each image in a different layer and merging them, but for some reason it didn't work. there HAS to be some way to do this using layers. all i want to do is basically layer the pictures so that, with each added layer, the "me" in that particular layer's picture shows up. what's the easiest way to accomplish this??

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