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VTF plug-in

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my VTF file format plugin stopped working..

You can find the plug in here


I tried downgrading my paint.net but its still not working..

the plug in worked before...

For some reason paint.net is not generating a crash log...

The crash occurs when I try to save a file as a .vtf

I use this to make textures for source maps (hl2, css, etc...)

I think when I updated my paint.net to Paint.NET.3.36.exe it stopped working....

I tried downgrading to Paint.NET.3.31.exe ( which worked before ) but now it doesn't work ( the plug-in )

I really don't want to get this plug-in for photoshop cs3 because that program is a slow < no swearing > piece of <No cursing.>

EDIT: my current OS is Vista 32bit Ultimate

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I'm going to ask you to repost your problem in the Plugin's topic, where either the author or a user more attuned to the plugin can sight it quicker and help out.

For your convenience: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3837

Don't be disheartened by the locking of your topic, I hope you can understand why.

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