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RPG map


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I've been playing around with making rpg maps in Gimp, but hated the interface. I gave paint.net a try today and made this. I used tons of layers and filters, rendered clouds for textures, etc...

I'm pretty pleased with the result, even if it's not as crisp as I'd like. If anyone has any tips on making these better or what plugins to use to add textures lmk. :mrgreen:

Image (large)

Link here

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I like it. Was it done in Paint.net because it is pretty good, nice and smooth.

Also you could simply give a direct link to the image using our wonderful BBCode system.

See Myrridins tutorial on how to do that (it is sticky'd in the tutorials section).

Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay. :D

"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

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Thanks for the comments guys, the map was done 100% in basic paint.net with no plugins.

I basically created one black and white image which was split into two opposite images, one of the water, and one of the land, and then layered effects on them independently. I mostly used the rendered clouds to create textures and then put colored overlays on them. I don't think I could recreate another one exactly as I cant remember all the different overlays and such. There are at least 15 layers.

I'd really like to know how I can do patterns (like textures in Gimp) and bump maps.

Anyone know of a tutorial for this stuff?

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