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System Crashing after Updating to 4.2.12

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I am new to the forums, but I have been using paint.net for a few years now.  I have noticed a problem recently and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


I noticed that ever since my Paint.net updated to the newest version (4.2.12) my computer has been crashing.  For the record, I have Windows 8.1. It (paint.net) updated to the newest version (4.2.12) on Thursday June 4th (I don't use it every day so it didn't update sooner), and ever since then I had been getting blue screens of death with the error message DPC_Watchdog_Error.  I wasn't even using Paint.net, I was just checking my e-mail or doing something mundane and the computer would freeze and crash, and restart.  It was becoming unusable.  I have had this laptop for 6 years and I have never had this error before.


I literally did every troubleshooting thing they tell you to do online to fix this particular issue, none of which worked. I resorted to a System restore, which failed.  So then I did a System Refresh (like a reinstall-lite of the OS) and the problem persisted.  So I did a complete wipe and clean install of my OS, did the windows updates, and then gradually started to reinstall all my programs.  Everything was going fine. I installed everything, including Paint.net (the newest version downloaded directly from the site). However, even on a clean OS I was still getting the blue screen and the crash.  It was extremely frustrating.  I was looking at my Event log and blue-screen viewer for days trying to figure it out. I was ready to give up and take it to a repair store.  As a last ditch effort to try and resolve this issue, I uninstalled Paint.net and reinstalled with an older version (4.2.11).  I did this yesterday, and so far I am no longer having the bluescreen crashing anymore.  So I assume there was something in the newest version which was incompatible with my computer.


I am posting this just to see if any other Windows 8/10 users are having this issue.

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I used that already and each of the six times it crashed (since re-installing Windows) it gave me a different driver in the "caused by" section.

Do you want me to attach the contents of the crash reports here?

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I did.  I updated the driver from Lenovo's website, and I also used Windows Update.  I scanned my display adapter with Device Manager and Windows says my driver is up to date. I will try again.  Should I go to Intel's website directly to get the driver?


Edit: Intel website does not recognize my driver and can't update it since it is proprietary from Lenovo.

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