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Copy paste makes an empty box only (Solved)

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OOPS! I figured it out. Stupid mistake. I had the other layers unchecked but I did not have the layer I wanted to work on selected. It was checked in the box but not selected (so it was highlighted in blue.) 

I spent a lot of time searching so I apologize if this has already been covered, I can't find it.

I'm stuck at the most basic thing. I'm sure I'm doing something dumb but I can't figure it out. I'm on one layer, all others unchecked.
I draw a selection box around an area. 
I click 'Move selected Pixels'

I drag it somewhere but only the dotted line box moves, not the image I selected.

I also tried the selection 'Move Selection' ... the box is blue-highlighted, I drag it and, again, only the box moves, not the image.

I also tried copy, then 'paste into a new layer'... it created a new layer created but again, the box shows up there but not the image. 

Himage.thumb.png.54d0d3137350a4197f673dfc5397139d.pngelp! 🙂 

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3 hours ago, AllennellA said:

I also tried the selection 'Move Selection'

Move Selection changes the area of your selection but does not move any pixels.

This page (click) explains the Move tools and what they do. 


3 hours ago, AllennellA said:

I can't figure it out

In the example you posted above, yous selection contains only transparent pixels. If you move a selection that only contains transparent pixels to any area that also ontains only transparent pixels, you will not be able to see any change. 

If that is not the issue, another a possible explanation is that you are trying to move pixels on a "hidden" layer, instead of the layer you think you're working on. This is a common mistake that even experienced users make sometimes. Make sure the layer you intend to work on is BOTH VISIBLE (i.e. "ticked" in the Layers Window) AND the ACTIVE layer (blue highlight in the Layers Window). This page (click) explains the Layers Window much better than I can.


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