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Straight keyboard shortcut for brush

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I really like the straight line shortcut (Shift while creating a line) is there, or can such thing be added to the brush tool?


A lot of the times I notice that I press the shift-key while trying to draw in some straight lines with the paint brush tool. would be really nice if such feature could be implemented.



What I had in mind:

That when shift is pressed only X or Y movement will be registered (based on what is closest) so with pressing shift and random mousing you will get a X shape in screen.

So the mouse will be able to move, but it will measure if its the closest to the starting X or Y line, and put the brush tool on that line, 

So lets say we have a 5x5 pixel grid and a 1px bursh and we are starting at XY(3,3) when we move the mouse to (3,5) the brush will also move to (3.5) but when the mouse deviate a bit to (4,5) the brush will keep being cliped to X3 as thats the closest and thus be on (3,5). 

I hope this makes sence

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