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How do I make an alpha layer for TGA file?

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4 minutes ago, toe_head2001 said:

All layers have an Alpha value; you don't have to add it.

Perhaps you've misunderstood some Team Fortress 2 instructions concerning Alpha values. Can you show us the relevant information?


timestamp is 7:30

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Paint.NET doesn't quite let you easily modify the Alpha values independently from the RGB values. Not to say it's impossible though.

Normally, the Alpha value is used for Opacity/Transparency.  Sometimes, like in this case, video games will use it for something else.


So, if you want something more reflective in TF2, the Alpha value should be high (or maybe low? hard to know from the video). Alpha values can be 0 through 255.   In Paint.NET, a high Alpha value will manifest in the image being opaque, and a low value will manifest as transparent.

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