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Hello, i use paint.net for my projects and i love managing with it. Its somehow amazing, i love the feature of onthefly resizing by snapping dots on the edges. Rotating onthefly is useful too.


How about New tool that will enhance usability on the area. I would love if the author of the program adds Perspective correction. Its like when snapping one corner we would move it whenever we want in the space, and picture perspective would adjust accordingly. It would be behave like in gimp (cough) program :)


Second version of the tool would be curving the edges of the picture or freely deforming them. Its like when snapping a point on the edge of the picture i would move to the right or left curving the edge. It might be either correction of the whole edge proportionally (from one corner to another), or just fragment of it (fraction - like from the corner to the middle of the edge for example), or peak of the curve would be not in the middle of the edge but closer to one of the corner (adjustable)


What do You think?

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