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Custom value of changes history

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First of all, i wanna say paint.net is awsome tool for simple editing images. Its my base software for my doings.


Unfortunately, there is sometimes need of editing large images, like 8kx8k combinig them to get even larger canvas. I have 16GB of RAM rigth now, but after just a few moves, my HDD space of 15 GB goes completely fulled (by pagefile) and program crash with out of disk space error.


Question, is there possibility that user could set how many changes were keep on HDD by paint.net? I think the long history makes filled all my HDD space. Or its stored somewhere else, and pagefile is just RAM extension for paint.net?


I would like to have more handling here. To decide, how much HDD space is sacrificed to keep history data. I know i can save .pdn and reopen, but really that is just not how it should be. What about another setting of flushing data after every second layer merge down or similar, just to have safe setting.

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Why do you only have 15GB of disk space? 🤔 Sounds like you just need an upgrade ... It's much simpler and cheaper for you to do that, than it is for me to sink a ton of engineering time and effort into this kind of work.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Well, it is the first time i have met such conditions, that pagefile filled my entire free HDD Space. I agree 15 GB is small amount. But, i dont know how much space should i free up for my needs.

Thanks for explanation, i will remove some unnecessery Gigabytes. Thanks Gods and Goddesses i have SSD which makes ouf-of-RAM situations operational, but i wish i had faster writings..

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