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(Paintbrush Tool) Circle following Crosshair Around

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Hi, I wanted to know how I could make the circle that follows my crosshair around stop. It happens when I use the Paintbrush Tool and It's a huge pest for me when I'm working in paint.net, so I really need assistance! If there's a way to make it static or make it so it doesn't follow the cross around please let me know. Reply when you guys are able to! :)

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9 hours ago, welshblue said:

The circle is the actual paintbrush.  Without it .... well it wouldn't work

As welshblue has stated "The circle is the actual paintbrush"!
The Paint.NET default brush is round. When you adjust the brush width; the circle will change sizes and the cross-hairs will indicate the center of the circle brush. If you select the Brush Tool, increase the brush size, and just click of the canvas you will get a dot indicating that the brush is round.

There are plugins for Paint.NET that allows it to use brushes of various shapes and images. You can even create custom brushes or use Photoshop .abr (Adobe Brushes) after they are converted to .png files with transparent backgrounds.


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