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Color burn over a transparent white image

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I have an image of a "glowing" white circle which I want to add a color burn over.
0d5324ff61d8c23abbb00a5819ecaacc.png< Image of the circle but it's white so you can't really see it

The thing is that the circle is in the middle of a transparent image, so the CB colors everything around the circle too.

0355e9f271c58a8b2d384d074eb7922d.png < Image of the circle with color burn over it.


If I add a black background it look exactly like I want it to, but the problem is that now it isn't transparent. :/

726023aca8af5378c7b49077a9853dd3.png < Image of the circle with color burn over it and a black background as a layer beneath.

How do I get an image of the circle like the one with the black background but the black being transparency instead?
The color of the color burn is R: 213, G: 117, B: 255 by the way.

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With Paint.NET there are many ways to accomplish the same goal.
 I would use the 'Grim Color Reaper Plugin'.
Select the whole image.
Make sure that the Primary color is set to black and use the default setting as they are.
Click Ok and done!


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