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Lightsaber Effect!

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go here, read it and instal the glow plugin.

http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... 24&start=0

when that's done....

- Open paint.net

- Hold control and press A and then let go and press delete. This will delete all the white parts of the canvas.

- Select the rounded rectangle tool and choose a nice bright colour.

- Draw the shape of a lightsaber on the screen like this...


- Duplicate the layer twice.

- On on the bottom duplicated layers, do a gaussian blur by about 20 units.


- On the top duplicated layer use the glow plugin with the following approximate settings...

1) Glow Radius = 6

2) Glow Brightness = 44

3) Glow Contrast = 25

- Now flatten the image and violá. A cool looking light saber effect.


Play with the values and you can find something to suit you.


If you dont understand something just ask.

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