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sooo what am I doing wrong?

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I tried Search but couldn't really find the words to the problem. I tried 'lossy jpg' and got nothing of assistance. So I throw myself on the mercy of the board...

http://www.dognationrocks.com/newwolf_o ... 24x768.jpg

http://www.dognationrocks.com/newwolf_o ... 24x768.gif

the original image was a gif. Set resolution to 96 dpi. I wanted to make it 1024x768 so I increased the canvas size with the gif centered. I then filled the extra canvas on both sides using the paint bucket tool. Simple right? When I save this as either gif or jpg I get a seriously screwed up file seen at the url above. I've tried flattening before saving too but get the same results. Is it because I started with a gif? Is my resolution too low?

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Sorry. False alarm.

After tinkering some more, I eventually noticed the problem was occurring during transfer since I could view the image locally. I then tried using my webhost's cheesy FTP tool and viola, the file was uploaded successfully. I have used the ftp function from the DOS command line for ages so I'm not sure what's messed up now...unless the default file type got switched from 'bin'. Actually, I'll bet that's the problem.

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