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Account Problem

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I apologize in advance, in case this topic isn't fit for this forum.


I had another registered account here, but at some point the email it was registered on was hacked and later on locked by the system of the email provider.


I recently tried to log in to my Paint.net forum account, registered at that old email, but unfortunately I couldn't remember the password. And I can not gain access to that account, since it require the email it was registered on, in order to receive email for resetting your password.


I wanted to ask if it's possible to receive any help on that and where.


Thanks in advance!



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11 hours ago, BoltBait said:

What account was it?


By the way, I did left You a message about that some time ago.


The username is ''brake''.


Maybe You could just transfer the username ''brake'' to the email of the account I am posting form atm and just delete the username 'dustie''?

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13 hours ago, BoltBait said:

Sorry, I can not verify that you and brake are the same.


My advice, get used to your new account.


I did provide the email the account was registered to. Any other proof I will need to provide?

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