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i need help... can not save image

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At what point of the PDN Save As process does this happen?


If you've chosen "Desktop" from the side menu then that is all you should need to do. If there was an existing PNG with the same name on the Desktop it should just prompt you that the file already exists and ask if you want to overwrite it?


Look at the original picture file if it is something you're editing rather than created from scratch using PDN. Check the Properties to see if it is "Read Only". If it is untick that and try saving it again. I'm not sure why a "Read Only" file would provoke that sort of, unhelpful,  error message  but it might do.


I'm thinking if you do that you may have to re-import the file into PDN which may be treated as a new image and any work you've done on the original may not be applied. So I'd first trying try to save it changing the name or save format (.pdn). I'm not confident that will work but, as what is effectively a copy, it might override any original attributes preventing it from being saved with the original name/format.




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