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facing issue in "Ajantha" font on windows10 in GDIplus


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Below is the snippet

CFont font;
            40,                       // nHeight
            20,                       // nWidth
            0,                        // nEscapement
            0,                        // nOrientation
            FW_DONTCARE,                // nWeight
            FALSE,                    // bItalic
            FALSE,                    // bUnderline
            FALSE,                    // cStrikeOut
            DEFAULT_CHARSET,          // nCharSet
            OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS,       // nOutPrecision
            CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS,      // nClipPrecision
            DEFAULT_QUALITY,          // nQuality
            DEFAULT_PITCH,              // nPitchAndFamily
            _T("AJANTHA")));          // lpszFacename        

        // Do something with the font just created...
        CClientDC cdc(this);  
        CFont* def_font = cdc.SelectObject(&font);
        cdc.TextOut(11, 11, _T("€ € ~ ƒ „ …"), 11);

        Font mFont(dc.m_hDC, font);
        SolidBrush BlueBrush(Color(255, 0, 0, 255));
        graphics.DrawString( strText, -1, &mFont, PointF(0, 150), pStringFormat, &BlueBrush);

        // Done with the font.  Delete the font object.


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What does this have to do with Paint.NET?


I'll tell you: Nothing!


Since this is a forum dedicated to Paint.NET and it is NOT a general support forum, I'm closing this thread.


Go ask your question over at StackOverflow.com and I'm sure someone will help you.

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