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I can't seem to print pictures right...

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Hi, I hope this is allowed in this section, but for some reason whenever I try to print from paint.net, the picture comes out washed out and faded. If i take the exact same file and print it from microsoft paint, it prints fine, albiet not at the same size. Paint.net is a much better program though, so I'd rather use it, but I can't for the life of me figure this out. Only forum posts I can find about it have no answers, and are like 5 years old. Anyone know what could be going on?

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I had this issue.

The few times when I needed to print something from Paint.NET, I used Levels adjustment to make image darker so it will look fine on paper.

I have HP LaserJet P1005 if that matters.


Paint.NET provides access to Color Management options for printing, where color profile can be set up for printers, like for displays. Maybe the defaults used in Paint.NET not good for everyone. And apps that have no such setting - get better defaults.

If that's the case, then there better be a way to bypass this settings for average people who can't care less about color management and just want the damn thing to print good enough. And a comprehensible instruction how to use it for the rest of people.

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