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Background color transparent?

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I am working with some very small images that are drawn on a green background. The main thing I need to do is merge parts of one image with another. For this, I need the background to be considered transparent. In MS Paint, this was easily accomplished by simply selecting the background color as secondary color and then when the selection tool is active, I had two buttons below the tool area that allowed me to switch between the background being transparent or not.

Is there any way to reproduce this in paint.net? So far I couldn't find one (Yes I am a total n00b). Especially the three-click aspect is what I need, since while the images are small, I need to do fiddle with a whole lot of them, so a 50 click way to do this would not really help me, unless of course it sticks throughout the entire session.

Also, is there any way to save some sort of default settings? Like loading images in 400% zoom by default (like I said my images are small but lots and having to manually zoom in every time I load one gets tedious too...)



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