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I'm new to the forum but not really new to paint.net. I was curious whether there was a plugin or just a quick way to help me with the following:


I am currently trying to paste images into a template of sorts. The general sort of template is this (the gray boxes are where the pasted images go?




Is there a way to make it so that the image when I paste it is resized into a gray box? It is for a card game so there are 9 cards per sheet and the pasted images are not the correct size. 


Would appreciate feedback and a speedy way of doing this since there are a LOT of cards.


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6 hours ago, TestedBubble said:

I found the "Paste from Clipboard" plugin which seems to do the resize as well as to a selection from my clipboard. If there is an even quicker way feel free to reply!

I think you found your fastest solution here. A slower solution is to assign alpha using auto-leveled applied image as the base for creating alpha for a white layer, and then paste your image below, and do the necessary edits to get to what you need.

G'MIC Filter Developer

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