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How is the Glow Effect Plugin Programmed?

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Hello everyone.
I've been using paint.net to make my drawings/graphics glow using Effects>Photo>Glow which is great, but now i need to create some dynamic glow effects for my game, and I was wondering if anyone has any idea how the Glow Effect is programmed? and what algorithm was used for it?
Thanks :)

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24 minutes ago, juggernaut said:

what algorithm was used for it?


1) :LayersDuplicateLayer: Duplicate Layer

2) Run :BlurEffect: Gaussian Blur

3) Run :BrightnessContrast: Brightness / Contrast

4) Change the :LayersLayerProperties: layer's Bend Mode to Screen.

5) :LayersMergeLayerDown: Merge Layer Down



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It may less of an answer to the question at the end of your sentence and more of a pondering on what you mention at its beginning, through my experimentation I noticed that the motion blur effect, perhaps in combination with the glow effect, can lead to something relatively dynamic in regards to an image and parts of an image.

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