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Is there a plug-in to open a .psa file?

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Hey folks. Sorry if this is a terrible question, but I know nothing about this stuff. Is there a plug-in to open a .psa file? From what I can tell, they are only created by Photoshop Elements or Albums. I need to open them for work. Thanks for any help.

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From what I can find with a web search, PSA files aren't image files. They seem to be catalogs of images, used by Photoshop Album and Photoshop Elements to organize collections of images into albums. If that's the case, I doubt there's any PDN support for them. I suppose a FileType plugin might be able to open a menu, allowing the user to select which image to open from the files in the catalogue, but I'm not sure anyone would spend the time to write it.


EDIT: Even if such a plugin could be written, I think it might run into problems with the filename association. (I'm speaking about a subject I know little about, since I've never written a FileType plugin.)

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