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Copy function broken... Cut still works

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Hey, seems I am having some issues..
So out of nowhere last night while I was editing an image the copy command just stops working. The cut command works perfectly fine.
There are no error messages that appear, using ctrl+C and the button just causes the cursor to do the loading animation but nothing appears in the history tab.
Cut works perfectly fine and appears in the history tab.
I can paste from external sources as well.

So far I've tried reverting to an older version(4.12), using windows install to delete all paint.net files, reinstalling 4.0.21, updating msnet framework, java update, system registry check, installing to different drives...
I also had the installation error 1603 while trying out different versions which is what prompted me to do the windows uninstall which cleared the 1603 right away.
I should also add, I use windows 7.
I'm really at a loss as to what's happening now, I really need to get paint.net working today or I'll unfortunately have to find something else... I've been using paint.net for as long as I remember so that won't be fun.

Does anyone know why the copy function would stop working?
Thanks for any advice, I'm really in a tough spot here.

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Are you saying nothing gets placed on the Clipboard when you use the Copy function in paint.net?


5 minutes ago, chemexposure said:

using ctrl+C and the button just causes the cursor to do the loading animation but nothing appears in the history tab.


Copy doesn't add anything to the History window, since copying doesn't actually modify the image.



(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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Well this was timely...
So it's working now, strangely exactly right after I opened Reaper to work on the audio side of my project.
Would there be any reason for the windows 7 clipboard to not allow access?
It might be worth mentioning I had Sony Vegas open when the problem first happened but after a shutdown the problem persisted.

toehead, that's exactly what was happening, it would act as if it's copying it to the clipboard but nothing would be copied back off the clipboard. I was also having strange issues where the transparent checkerboard background was showing through flat black fill layers on multiple projects.
Oddly I've never actually noticed that copy doesn't have a history command. I've been using it since at least 2007 haha

At any rate I've got a nice fresh install transferred to my SSD which I've been putting off for a long time, and I can get back to work so that's nice.

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