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How do I resize a scroll saw pattern and print it easily.

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I just got this program and I do a lot of scroll sawing. I may have a pattern I want to make either bigger or smaller. I know how to scan it and get it into the program but are there steps to take to resize it to a certain size. Say I had a small valentine heart that was about 3 x 3 and I want to enlarge it to 5 x5, what do I do to change the size simply. And why went I go to print out the pattern in windows 7 do I get this stupid print screen that wants to know what size picture I want, can't I just print out the resized pattern.

thanks for the help


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After your image is brought into the software; you go up to the Image tab and select Resize.

When the Resize window opens you will see the current size of the image displayed in in pixels in

one area and in inches in an area below. Type in the new dimensions and click ok.



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I was in the same boat... I do Scroll work and what you need is Print it (tool Effects)  I use it and it WORKS.  I do Scroll work and have found this to be extremely valuable.

Pay attention to the install instructions.... 



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