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Keyboard shortcut uniformity


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While transforming the .fi help Keyboard + Mouse from raw html to markdown syntax, I was reminded of one shortcut that was never possible and noticed an annoyance in another.


Line options are nicely next to each other and brush size is a key of its own so Ctrl works on it just fine.


On a .fi keyboard, Line start and mid are where they are nice but for end you have to go Shift+7. And Brush size is AltGr+8 or AltGr+9 and with AltGr, Ctrl can't be chained at all so no +/-5.

Looking through QWERTY - Wikipedia there's few keyboards where Line options don't line up while most keyboards duplicate US layout.

"-" for line end would work for scandinavian keyboards and Ö/Ø+Ä/Æ for brush size. But other layouts...?


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