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Yes, if I understand your question.


If you have a selection, and do a Copy (Ctrl+C), only the selected area is copied to the clipboard. You can then do a Paste or Paste into New Layer to paste the copied region. (You can also use Paste From Clipboard with the Blending Mode set to Normal.)


For your example, select the first person's head and do a Copy. Then Paste the head over the other person's body. When you do the Paste, you'll be able to move the head around, resize it, tilt it, etc.

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Is there a way to automaticaly select an undefined area in a drawing. Some kind of a self contourning intelligent tool or a clickable adjustment of the contour line?

It is quite difficult trying contourning an unregular area so it can be selected and move; parts of the background tend to follow.

I would be glad to pay for that option.

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