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How to smooth out 'graininess'?

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I found an image that I want to use (and actually have been using for a while) as a wallpaper, but it is really grainy.  What is the best way to get a smoother image? 


Here's the image, if you want to know: https://flic.kr/p/pr4AhC



My screen is 1366x768, so I'm resizing it down, which, I thought, should help reduce some of the grain.



Now if someone could just ... "alter time, speed up the harvest, or teleport me off this rock."

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I normally solve graininess with Surface Blur. As stated in the help for the Blurs menu, “This effect is used to reduce soft details or noise in an image while retaining most edge details and contrast. The result is a cleaner, simplified version of the original.”


I tend to run the effect with default values, or with a threshold of 5 or 10 depending on each image's features.

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