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PDN is not starting anymore

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Hi all...


my title looks very clear.

On quite recent W10 installation, when i try to open DPN, just nothing occure.

I don't receive any error message.


when i try the repair tool, i have this message:

paint.net Repair Tool

* Opening registry key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\paint.net: ok
* Retrieving MSI product code GUID: {1F895C18-6A2F-4A9E-BBE9-246783070F37}
* Attempting to repair: failed, dwResult=1632

Press Enter to exit...


i don't find any LOG file, if someone can tell me where they are.


in the things i must tried before creating a new topic there was:


  1. Try turning off Hardware Acceleration:- Run regedit- Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paint.NET- Change key UI/EnableHardwareAcceleration from true to false

this KEY

for this point, this "HKEY" does not exist in my computer.




I have another laptop with W7, without any problem.


In this computer, and W10 i never had problems before. but i choose to reinstall all since few weeks. then i used PDN one or 2 times without any problem... 


thanks for anyone who help to resolve this issue.







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