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I want to print a small image.

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I am trying to print a movie ticket. Obviously these do not have to be the size of a whole sheet of paper, but paint.net seems to have no option for actually printing something the size it should be.


There are multiple other options with fixed dimensions, but the problems with those is that it will print multiple instances of the image, the pre-set "Wallet" for example, will repeat the image 9 times on the paper just to fill everything up. The bar code on the movie ticket can only be scanned once, there is no practical purpose to printing nine of them at the same time!


I currently have the ticket with the actual size of 643x457px and 250 resolution, which should translate to 2.57x1.83 inches in real life. These settings actually show in paint.net itself, so I don't understand why I can't print it as specified. DPI has no meaning whatsoever if you are fixed to printing with presets.

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