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Customising the Toolbar

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As another user who needs to save in jpg regularly and has often had to reopen the png & then 're-saveas jpg', could a customising feature be considered for the button bar, to offer an "Add Button(s)" that we can configure. 

The we could add our own "File.Save.As.jpg" as a button or similar?

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Isn't that what File/ Save As already does ? I know it takes a lot of effort to select which type of file you would like to save it as with so many being available but it's so easy even a cave man can do it.  smh



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Ctrl + Shift + S is the keyboard shortcut for Save-As. If you accidentally overwrite the original file, undo with Ctrl + Z, save the old file, redo with Ctrl + R, and try the save-as shortcut again. It's a lot faster to use shortcuts than to go through menus. Use Phatch if you have a ton of these files and need a batch converter.


As for adding configurable buttons to the menu with enough commands that an option like "save as jpeg" exists, well, that's at least a month of work. It just isn't worth Rick's time; he has a lot of much-needed requests on his plate for working on PDN. I hope you understand :)

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