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Is it possible to use the OctreeQuantizer class in our file format plug-ins? I can't seem to instantiate an instance of it due to its "protection level". What I want to do is go from a 32-bit surface or bitmap to an 8-bit one, using PDNs quantizer. Is there some method within PDNs classes that does this quickly and easily?

There are no warranties whatsoever on my plug-ins. Use them at your own risk. You may redistribute them if you'd like, but I'd prefer you just link to the download on my site. Please do not modify and redistribute.

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In the next release we'll make a public interface for quantization. If OctreeQuantizer had been made public (as opposed to internal), we would have to keep it around for a very long time through future releases. I didn't feel the code was of high enough quality to do this. We actually got the code from an MSDN sample, if I remember right, and Tom modified it for his needs but I never got a chance to go in and refactor it properly.

Suffice it to say if you really need to you can just make a copy of the code and put it in your DLL.

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