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Great tool, but ...

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My usage of this neat "little" tool is to quickly fix up (manually crop, lighten-up and rotate) pictures in a "factory like" style. I have some scripts which iterate through specified directoryíes and depending on creating conditions Paint.Net starts up with a picture loaded, I do the edit, save, and the cycle starts again. Works nicely and I wouldn't be able to do this as fast with any other tool.


But has anyone else noticed that all the smart little pop-ups, e.g. to rotate by degree, pop up exactly in the centre of the picture you want to edit? I always (!) have to move them to a location where they don't hide the interesting parts of the picture to edit. Definitely not a show-stopper, but somehow I don't see a reason, why it has be exactly the middle of the picture.


Ok, maybe I missed something, and maybe this is not relevant for the rest, as I assume not too many users have edited more the 50.000 pictures over the years with this tool. But I just wanted to "complain" :)


Thanks for the great work !!


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Thanks for pointing me to this thread.


One comment from a "never-implemented-a-gui-used-by-other-people developer":


I understand that one has to balance effort and outcome, and there are more interesting things to add to the program. Also, implementing a gui always attracts people to give advice or to complain. But I would think as everyone has to move the pop-ups after requesting them, strictly speaking this would be considered a flaw (bug?) in the UI design.


But I don't want to start a discussion here, as I found my solution: I implemented a small external programm, which polls Windows and as soon as one of the pop-ups pop up, it will be moved to a specified location depending on the actual cursor position. Not pretty, but fits my workflow and it works.

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