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To start with, I am a newbee with paint.net.


Example 1:

Background layer: I draw a circle

Open a new layer (2): I draw a second circle


Going back to layer 1 I cannot change the size of the circle because the circle it is impossible to select the circle again.


Example 2: I draw two circles in the same layer. I cannot resize the first circle other by using ctrl-z several times and by doing that delete the second circle.


It simply doesn't work. A bug? Should I upload another version of paint.net? or am I overlooking the obvious?


Kindest regards, Leo



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paint.net is a pixel editor.  Once you finalize a shape (by pressing the finish button, starting a new shape, or using a different tool, etc.) your shape becomes pixels as part of your image.


If you want a free shape editor, try InkScape.

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Thanks for the quick reply.


I am not sure I understand what you're saying. Are you saying that you cannot change something once you have finished it in some way? Looking at 'you tube videos' I see people activating the respective layer, activate the drawing again and change it.


KR, Leo

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In that example, he is pasting in a bitmap of a circle and manipulating it with the resize handles.  It is not actually a circle at that point, it is simply pixels.


In the previous step, he copied the circle bitmap to the clipboard. Then, he pressed Ctrl+V to paste it onto the canvas. From there, you can resize it just like you could do with any bitmap, even a photograph.

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