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Save to JPG by default and don't ask for options every time

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I am on the brink of switching to "Paint.NET on Vista" from "GIMP under GNU/Linux in VMWare" for my photo editing needs. PND does all I want currently and it is consuming relatively few resources(load time can improve!). Few things that I would love to see in it are:

  • [*:9po2rn4s]User-configurable option to save to JPG format by default.
    [*:9po2rn4s]User-configurable option to always save using default options(instead of showing the option dialog box for every save for some file types).
    [*:9po2rn4s]After PDN is updated from the Help menu, apply the update the next time it starts and do not prompt the user to restart the application immediately to update it.

I am not sure if the above tasks can be accomplished by installing any plugins or editing any configuration files, so I am asking for help.

I am liking the simplicity and functionality of PDN so much that it may become not just one of the best photo editing apps but one of the best apps overall on Windows.

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I don't like GIMP for windows, probably because it uses GTK themes. Because I generally have a few GNU/Linux in VMs already, it seemed easier to just fire GIMP in one of them. The thing is, I later realised that I had to start the VM just for running GIMP so many times. So decided to try PDN over "GIMP for Windows" and liked its feature set and look and feel. I am now hooked :)

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