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Automatic change active layer.

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Good day all,


It has been discussed before but I really hope it can be changed.
Automatic change active layer to the layer beneath when the active layer is made invisible with the checkbox, this feature is very annoying and I hope it can be made optional in future.

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I really don't see any good justification for this feature. There's no reason to suppose the layer that becomes active is a layer the user would want to make active, I think it should be eliminated, but I'd very gladly settle for a setting that disables it. The supposed reason is to prevent users from being confused when the changes they make aren't visible. I don't think that actually makes sense (since seeing the changes, but not realizing they're being made to the wrong layer seems worse), but if it does make sense, requiring the user to take responsibility by purposely disabling the feature would seem to solve the problem.


(The layer that's activated isn't always the next visible layer beneath the layer made invisible, even when there is a lower visible layer. Perhaps it's the nearest visible layer, with ties going to the lower layer. Not that it really matters; one arbitrarily chosen layer is as good as another.)

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