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[4.0.10] Zoom Bug Detail & Workaround

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Since v.4.0.10 came out, some people have reported issues with the Zoom tool and commands. Rick has confirmed that it's a bug and it'll (hopefully) will be fixed in the next update (v.4.0.11?). So what's going on? I'll explain here and show a simple workaround until it's fixed.


From what I've read, the problem is with the Zoom function and how it works. The bug only happens when the Zoom type is Normal (:ViewActualSize:), not Windowed (:ViewZoomToWindow:). I'm not sure if this means anything or if it's even relevant. Also, it doesn't matter what version of Windows you're using, the bug is still present.


When zooming in or out using the Zoom Tool (:ZoomTool:), the metaphorically invisible center of the canvas gets moved to where the cursor was clicked on, the zoom is applied and then it repositions the 'camera' to focus on the new center point. However, while zooming in or out using the menu, status bar, mouse wheel or keyboard shortcuts (:ViewZoomIn:)(:ViewZoomOut:) do the same thing, it doesn't reposition the 'camera'.


Now, the workaround for this bug is simple. Just make sure the mouse is NOT inside the canvas when zooming. It doesn't matter where the mouse is, as long as it's not inside the canvas, the Zoom function will work correctly. If you need to recenter the canvas, just press Ctrl+B twice.


I hope this was somewhat informative.

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