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VISTA WIA scanning with a HP 2710 Photosmart w/ P.N 3.35

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WIA service is running

Hp Photosmart shows up in Control Panel|Scanners and cameras

Device manager shows it as a imaging device

I can scan using Adobe Photoshop or the HP Essentials software

Paint.Net Acquire shows a low lighted "from Scanner or Camera"

I have reinstalled the Hp All In one software then reinstalled Paint.net in case they got unsynched. Doesnt work :(

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Scannign into one software then having to open Paint.NET separately is a bummer.

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Sorry, was out running errands.

Under Vista when you double click the 2710 scanner icon a window pops up with properties allowing you to "test the scanner or camera connectivity" it passes the tests. It does not bring up the scanner/camera wizard

I can scan fine from Adobe 8 and from the HP Solutions software. MS paint acquire menu item is low lighted as is Paint.net's

Windows Live Photo Library nor Windows Photo Gallery see the scanner.

It seems it must not be fully defined to Vista. Is my steps to uninstall completely, clear ghost devices, clear temp files, check registry then reinstall?

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