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gta custom covers


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Here's a new one i did (a Goodfellas spoof) I think this one looks better now that i have figured out how to make custom titles that still look like there done in the gta style text. Looking forward to seeing some replys to this post to see what you guys can do and how good they look.

here's my spoof "Goodfellas" cover



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You know there's an edit button..


Did you create those or did something make them for you..?

Just out of curiosity..

No, i made them myself with paint.net. I created a template to cut the pictures out at the right sizes and angles and a lot of stuff like that. And yeah i realise the edit buttons there now lol ! thanks for the reply.

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Nice job relentless if you really did make them :D.

Yes i did make them ! if you dont belive me then maybe we could do a test ? give me a theme for a gta cover (one which you've googled and found no results for) and i will make it and post it back here. Fair ? :wink:

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Eh. They're alright.

I made one awhile back when the first GTA IV artwork was released back in early 2007.

Yeah thats cool i guess, but what i was hoping people would do in responce to my post is create there "OWN UNIQUE" cover, like with pics and words like for example.. Grand Theft Gates, and have funny pics of bill gates and stuff (lame i know ! but just an example). This might be unique in the sence that it dont look like any other gta 4 cover but at the end of the day its still pics of gta 4 characters and stuff. Anyways this aint a insult to you or your work just my oppinion. Thanks for sharing your work !

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