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RawLAB - Raw File loader with GUI (2023-03-21)


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10 hours ago, mitchd said:

it automatically changes the picture from grayscale to colour


If you are concerned that once the image is loaded, Paint.NET treats it like a color image, that's just the way Paint.NET works. All images are edited as color. Once you save the image again, you can specify black-and-white.


If you're saying the plugin loads the image and that results in putting color in where it doesn't belong, that's for the OP to fix.


Can you be more specific?

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I don't think raw images are stored as greyscale in cameras, as nearly all camera image sensors capture colors by design.

Greyscale is a post processing thing. This plugin can adjust brightness and compute exact colors from white balance / colorspace settings using the HDR raw data directly, though.


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