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Hot keys not working after clicking layer 4.0.9

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Hello, I've not really used layers before but I have used paint.net for about a year. But today I'm getting a problem where I can't use any hotkeys for a while after clicking one of my layers so S to change to selection or M to change to move selection aren't working and do nothing at all until about half a minute to a minute. Please help this is making it very frustrating and annoying to work on my pixel art characters. Thanks :)

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Make sure your mouse cursor is not over the Layers window when you press the hotkeys.

My mouse cursor isn't over the Layers window, I'm mashing 'S' and 'M' with my mouse on the canvas. Then I use my mouse to change to that tool without a hot key. It's just quite annoying. I'll reply to this thread if it happens again.

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