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newbie question

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I haven't had the program for long, what i wanna do is fit some text into a picture but i can't figure out how to make the lettering arc, or do anything special at all for that matter. How do you play with the text? I wanna be able to; tilt, twist, arc or play with the lettering without having to shift or move an entire layer.


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Always remember to type your text on its own layer, as said by pipp92, which eases modifying later on as Paint.NET is currently unable to edit text after finalising, not like a word processor can.

Furthermore, a quick search around would reveal a host of previous topics about the same subject, with a few results giving some sterling advice.

Also, unfortunately, your topic title breaks [rule=6]Rule 6[/rule] which explains that topic titles must be descriptive. This in order for both the right user to see your problem and help more efficiently, and more importantly, for a clean and organised Forum; imagine if the Forum was littered with 'question!' and 'request!!!!'. Madness it would be. Utter lunacy.

Because of this, I'm going to lock your topic. This doesn't stop you from posting again, in fact, we'd be more than happy to extend the hand of help when you need it.

Topic locked

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